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    Finding a job and defining a career plan that matches your ambitions, potential and values is no easy task. If your current work situation is no longer satisfying to you, or if the idea of taking on new challenges is calling you to take action, contact us. Your job search endeavour requires solid preparation, energy, and sometimes a good deal of patience... We’re here to properly guide you through this process.

    Our commitment to you is simple: we strive to help you give meaning and direction to your professional life, so you may realize your full potential in a job and work environment that live up to your expectations.

    Our motto is to listen. We want to learn more about you. Our work consists not only in assessing your skills and aptitudes, but more importantly in understanding your ambitions, salary expectations and your dreams. Our approach has validity, as we use our expertise to facilitate your own identification of what truly suits you. It is this strategy that enables us to propose jobs that meet your full expectations.

    If you are in the market for a job, send us your CV. At Agence de Placement Synergie, we can take you places!