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Turnkey process. Higher applications. No pre-hire fees.

Nowadays, companies have to manage a number of complex issues that directly influence their profitability. Human ressources require a large part of the effort. Sometimes it becomes even more difficult to keep pace with change and respond effectively to needs. L'AGENCE DE PLACEMENT SYNERGIE supports you by providing you with human ressources management services tailored to your specific context and needs. Our prestigious clientele reaffirms, mandate after mandate, their confidence in our judgment.

OUR GOAL? Create alliances that benefit both the companies that call on us and the candidates we support in their career plans.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? Our business sense, yours and our ability to listen






Are you looking for a candidate motivated by your challenges and your entrepreneurial vision? A person who will meet your hiring criteria and much more? Fill out our request form now and a member of our team will contact you shortly.



Browse the job listing in the Candidate Area, and see what we can offer by clicking on the button below. At Agence de Placement Synergie, we find for you the best candidates in Greater Montreal, South Shore, North Shore and Quebec City region.



A permanent recruitment process adapted to your challenges...

We understand that recruiting permanent staff can be a demanding, complex, and sometimes bewildering process. We also know that this endeavour needs to be expertly managed to ensure you are backed by a strong, complementary team that is qualified to share your long-term vision and corporate objectives.

Whether responding to a challenge of organizational growth, internal restructuring, massive retirements, or simply looking to uncover that rare gem, our role is to support you through the steps required to surround yourself with a solid team.


A temporary recruitment service for your short-term needs...

For some managers, opting to hire staff on a temporary basis is an effective way to reduce human ressources administrative costs. For others, whose activities tend to be cyclical or seasonal, this option is the most logical from an operational perspective. Occasionally you may need additional staff to honour a new contract or you may need to replace an employee on short notice. Whatever your need, we can assure you a temporary recruitment process that is every bit as exacting and complete as that for your permanent teams.

We recognize that the hiring process is one that can take up a lot of your time, sometimes too much. As the manager of a company or division, you can’t afford to invest all your time in recruiting, interviewing and evaluating prospective candidates.


An executive recruitment that measures up to your ambitions...

Nowadays, businesses cannot develop and grow without the leadership of exceptional managers. Our particular role in this is to connect you with key players who share both your corporate values and your professional ambitions. We have a sixth sense for success when it comes to mandates that involve investing in a company’s human capital.

Targeting a leader who will make a difference in your organization; meeting and learning more about this person; convincing him if necessary; and negotiating the terms of your agreement. We see to all of this for you, discreetly and meticulously. We become ambassadors of your company, and we take this role very seriously. If your recruitment project involves filling a management challenge, we would be more than eager to accompany you in this process.