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    Established in 1999, l’Agence de Placement Synergie has never stopped growing. Very early on, the expertise and know-how of our advisors earned us an enviable reputation as recruiters and personnel providers in the areas of sales and administrative support within the Greater Montreal area, South Shore of Montreal, North shore of Montreal and Quebec City.

    OUR GOAL? To bring about profitable alliances, as much for the companies that call on us as for the candidates who we guide in their career plans

    WHAT SETS US APPART? Our business sense and our ability to listen

    We want to contribute to the growth and performance of the businesses we advise by connecting them with people who find their organizations’ challenges inspiring and are motivated by their entrepreneurial vision.

    For our candidates, we offer a customized approach that provides each individual with a clear definition of their professional aspirations, thereby enabling them to target job opportunities that align with their career vision and plan.

    We understand that each organization is unique, and that each individual has a particular blend of talents and skills that can allow them to play a key role in an organization.

    The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts when the latter act in concert, as opposed to individually. This is the essence of SYNERGIE.

    This is our mission, this is what drives us, and this is our role.

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